Black Girls Surf “Board Meetings”

Come Surf With Us!

Black Girls Surf. We do.

Board Meeting: A gathering of women surfers.

Boardroom Location: The Beach

Black Girls Surf’s Board Meetings are monthly meet-ups for women who wish to surf together. Bring your towel and surfboard! If you don’t have a surfboard or wetsuit, we will provide one for you on a first come first serve basis.

10 thoughts on “Black Girls Surf “Board Meetings”

  1. I just stumbled onto this I have been wanting to learn to serve for the past 4-5 years and was wondering if this community offered lessons for newcomers to surfing I live in the San Diego area

  2. I’m with “Black In Orange County” and we want to learn to surf. Can you arrange a lesson in LA or OC. It’s a good social distancing activity…. (D. Drake)

  3. I want to learn surf with you! I live in Venice and sometimes I’m literally the only sista in the water. But I’m no longer a little girl. Can women join the board meetings?

  4. Where will the next meeting today? Would love to meet some more black female surfers, I’m 16 years old.

  5. Greetings to all of the chocalatte’s that surf; Me and my little girl surf we both enjoy it; but we can use a little more polishing up we are Nigerian Americans and we would like to be apart of the black girl surf movement; when are you having your next BGS Surf camp or board meeting because we would like to now so we can make arrangements to meet up.

  6. Hey! I’ve been trying to learn to surf for the longest. First experience wasn’t a good one but I really want to learn. I love the ocean. Do you guys ever do meetings in Florida?

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