365 Days Pt. 1

Around the Surf World in 365 Days

Khadjou Sambe – Santa Cruz, CA


This is our first post about our 365 days as the oddest twosome in history. Khadijah “Khadjou” Sambe is from a well-known fishing village in N’Gor, Dakar, Senegal. Me? I’m Rhonda Harper from San Jose, CA via Kansas City, KS.

Our story begins on the shores of Bureh Beach, Sierra Leone. The story starts with Kadiatu Kamara, a 15-year-old girl from Bureh Town. You see, KK, as she is now known, is the only female surfer in Sierra Leone. She is the sole reason for this beautiful journey.

In 2012, Africa Surf International, a contest series, set out to change the course of the surf industry. The ASI was created to highlight the surfers of African descent. Counter moves to the mainstream surf industry which is predominately white male-centered.

Bureh Beach, located in Bureh Town was the chosen location. We immediately contacted the surf club which was in its beginning stages. This where we find KK. We realized that KK was the only girl surfing in all of Sierra Leone. There was no way that a predominately, women staffed company was going to bench KK in this historic event and we immediately begin the search in other African countries

A surf camp’s Facebook page, also located in Dakar posted multiple pictures of a young African woman surfing. We quickly inquired about her and contacted Khadjou that day. One major problem I noticed immediately: we were typing in two different languages. I immediately googled “translator”. Everything changes on this day. Everything.

Part 1