Smile High Club x BGS

Pro surfer, Luke Stedman and Damian Farenfort with Black Girls Surf

Los Angeles, CA – There was only one flawlessly dressed surfer on the ASP World Tour CT, Luke Stedman. He was definitely the most fashion-forward. After leaving the tour, Luke and his partner Damian Farenfort formed the Smile High Club.

Luke, offered his services to spend the day with the ladies from Black Girls Surf. It was a day of fun, friendship and of course, surfing. The Waterfront Cafe, in Venice, donated the space for gathering after the surf session.

The footage was made by the SHC staff to be analyzed by professional surfers in real-time. Participants were treated to food and beverages as well.

One thought on “Smile High Club x BGS

  1. Wow! Wish there were a lot more Rhonda’s in CA- she put her money where the mouth is. I think seeing people like her would’ve inspired many Black girls and boys in CA to take to the waves. It’s always seemed strange to me that Africa was surrounded by ocean and yet the stereotype about Africans is that they hate being in water and can’t swim. That always seemed nuts to me. BTW Africans were the first humans and they SAILED the sea and landed Europe and Asia. So Africans were the first to people to take to the ocean.

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